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Although the media gives a somewhat one-sided view of Pakistan, especially with regards to the country’s violence and conservatism, it is nonetheless wise to invest in a knowledgeable tour guide when considering travelling to Pakistan. A specialist Pakistan tour operator and their team will know the country inside out and have a network of trusted contacts all over the country. Moreover, they will be able to plan a trip that avoids any troubled areas whilst still showcasing the best of what Pakistan has to offer, from its rich culture and history to incredible trekking tours.

Furthermore, they will be able to provide you with an authentic experience of Pakistan and its culture. As Pakistan tourism is not well established, when on a travel adventure with an expert tour guide, you will not be getting the “get off the coach and explore for 15 minutes” tour that you’ll get in many other countries. Someone who really knows the country and its people will be able to ensure you get to experience the very best of the country in whatever space of time you have available when you travel to Pakistan.

This way you can set your mind at ease and concentrate on enjoying yourself and exploring the scenery, people and local culture, as well as the history of Pakistan.

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